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Some recent media coverage about our company or utilizing our strategic views include:

Publication Date Title
Business Insider 2/22/15 There is one big problem for cord cutters that net neutrality can't solve
Investor's Business Daily 2/13/15 Sony Betting Streaming Video Puts Its Comeback Into Focus
Forbes 2/5/15 Despite New Internet Video Services from Time Warner and Viacom, Cord-Cutting May Not Live Up to the Hype
Nasdaq 2/2/15 Did Cablevision Just Disrupt the Wireless Market?
Multichannel News 1/30/15 A Case for Going It Alone
International Business Times 1/28/15 Fox News Ratings Roar After Dish Network Blackout; Highest Prime-Time Week Of 2015
Multichannel News 1/12/15 New Year Brings New Tweaks To Cable Model
International Business Times 1/9/15 Fox News vs. Dish Network: Blackout Causing Ratings Decline, Channel Concedes
The Denver Post 1/5/15 Dish launches Sling TV, cheap service for those who've cut the cable
Broadcasting & Cable 1/2/15 Study: 76% Of Homes Have DVR, Netflix Or Use VOD
Investor's Business Daily 1/2/15 Netflix Has Signed Up 48% Of Nonpay-TV Homes
CED Magazine 1/2/15 DVR adoption, on-demand usage keep increasing
Investor's Business Daily 12/18/14 Netflix deal with Dish opens door for more pay TV agreements
International Business Times 12/12/14 ESPN's Hostage Crisis: Cable Subscribers Hate The Bundle, But Can't Quit Live Sports
Multichannel News 12/1/14 Virtual MVPDs Join the Race

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