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Some recent media coverage about our company or utilizing our strategic views include:

Publication Date Title
LA Times 8/15/14 In a first, cable companies' broadband subscriptions surpass TV subscriptions
Investors Business Daily 8/14/14 300,000 U.S. homes ditched pay-TV service in Q2
Investors Business Daily 8/6/14 Signs Point To Pay-TV Cord Cutting Ahead
Home Theater Review 8/1/14 1/2 Of TVs Use Netflix
The Motley Fool 7/25/14 The Truth Behind Comcast's $1.50 Retransmission Fee
Forbes 7/17/14 Internet Tax Ban Could Be Big Win For Skype And Snapchat, Major Loss For States
Wall Street Journal 7/14/14 Binge TV Viewers are More Receptive of Ads
ABC News 6/26/14 After Aereo, What's Next for Internet TV?
Inc. 6/26/14 With or Without Aereo, TV on the Internet Is Here to Stay
Los Angeles Times 6/25/14 Americans' World Cup fever gives soccer a leg up in TV ratings game
MarketWatch 6/14/14 Netflix Stealing Pay-TV Customers
Motley Fool 6/11/14 Is a $99 PlayStation Vita TV Set-Top Box a Risky Move for Sony?
Home Media Magazine 6/11/14 50% of U.S. Households Have a Connected TV
Motley Fool 6/11/14 Smart TVs Mean Big Business for Netflix

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