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Some recent media coverage about our company or utilizing our strategic views include:

Publication Date Title
Philadelphia Inquirer 11/17/17 Why Murdoch may sell Fox units to Comcast, Disney or Verizon
Fierce Cable 11/15/17 Sling TV added 240K subscribers in Q3, Leichtman estimates
TelecomPaper 11/15/17 US internet TV services add subscribers, amid continued losses at pay-TV providers
Multichannel News 11/15/17 Top U.S. Pay TV Providers Lost 405K Subs in Q3
Boulder Daily Camera 11/11/17 How has Comcast improved customer service?
WBIR-TV 11/10/17 Cord cutting swells in third quarter, but Net TV services offset defections
ARS Technica 11/1/17 Pirate TV services are taking a bite out of cable company revenue
Forbes 10/27/17 Comcast, AT&T, Charter Aren't Surrendering To The Cord Cutters Yet
Motley Fool 10/12/17 Hulu Goes After Netflix Users With a Cheaper Subscription Deal
USA Today 10/7/17 Netflix price hike probably not the last for cord cutters
FierceTelecom 9/27/17 CenturyLink to extend broadband to 3M homes by end of 2017, offer fixed pricing
USA Today 9/26/17 Are NFL player protests 'massively, massively' hurting TV ratings?
Multichannel News 9/26/17 Pay TV Universe Shrinks to 79% of U.S. Households
TV Technology 9/8/17 Roku To Offer Its Own Ad-Supported Movie Channel
Yahoo! Finance 9/7/17 Comcast warns it's going to lose as many as 150,000 video subscribers in the third quarter

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