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LRG Research As a leader in research and strategic consulting, Leichtman Research Group offers impartial and personalized expertise, research and consulting on the impact and adoption of broadband, media and entertainment products and services. LRG provides the best analysis and actionable insights for our clients by combining quantitative demand-side research with an understanding of supply side motivations honed by years of industry experience. This helps our clients understand and identify trends, and stay one step ahead of an ever-changing marketplace and consumer preferences.

Our clients receive access to a wealth of information, expertise, and personalized service from LRG. At the cornerstone of each LRG client relationship is personal analyst interaction which offers direct, one-on-one access to our industry-leading expertise. Clients are encouraged to contact us regularly to discuss specific research questions, and to tap into our expertise on technology evolution and strategic market directions.

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Strategic Advisory Service

Leichtman Research Group (LRG) Strategic Advisory Service is an annual service designed to help our clients maximize the benefits of their relationship with LRG. This program allows clients to take advantage of attractive multi-study discounts for our industry-leading research, ongoing inquiry time with LRG, as well as access to LRG's quarterly industry data and insights. The program is customizable to meet individual client needs and offers multiple ways for direct interaction with LRG.

Research Studies

Underscoring our strategic insights is a comprehensive program of ongoing primary research. LRG's research program centers on five annual syndicated consumer-focused surveys. This proprietary research provides the basis for our work and offers our clients actionable insights into consumer acceptance of new broadband, media and entertainment products and services. These studies involve surveying random samples of consumer households which are designed to best reflect both demographic and geographic distribution of the broader consumer marketplace.

Our five annualized syndicated studies are:

Study deliverables are customizable to meet the needs of each specific client, and may include:

  • Executive overview of study findings and related implications
  • Package of charts and graphs of study results - broken out by key demos
  • Complete study data, with charts and cross-tabs

Provider-Side Tracking Reports

Based on secondary industry research and LRG's analysis and insights, these reports are designed to provide regular analysis and track progress in the broadband, cable and satellite television marketplaces. These quarterly reports track relevant provider-side results both cumulatively as well as individually for the largest providers.

Research Notes

LRG Research Notes provides quarterly updates on Leichtman Research Group studies, reports and provide insights to key findings. To receive future editions of LRG Research Notes click here or send your request via email, to Please include your name, title & company name, address, phone number, and email address in your request.

Click here to download LRG Research Notes, 1Q 2018.
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Click here to download LRG Research Notes, 4Q 2017.
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Click here to download LRG Research Notes, 3Q 2017.
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Click here to download LRG Research Notes, 2Q 2017.
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