Internet Delivered Pay-TV Services Study
The live streaming TV segment counts millions of subscribers and it is rapidly growing. Internet-delivered pay-TV services are now firmly part of the pay-TV industry -- competing with, and complementing, traditional offerings. This inaugural LRG study focuses on the burgeoning category of Internet-delivered pay-TV services.

Coverage areas include:

  • Assess the current marketplace in the U.S. for Internet-delivered live pay-TV services
  • Profile consumers that currently get these streaming services
  • Gauge the awareness of, and interest in, these services among non-subscribers
  • Understand the relationship to traditional pay-TV services
  • Measure subscribers' perceptions of their pay-TV providers
  • Assess the factors that are most important in consumers' decisions to subscribe to a pay-TV service, or switch providers
  • Profile other Internet-delivered video offerings (including SVOD and premium services)
  • Measure viewing preferences and usage

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