On Demand TV Study
This fifteenth annual LRG study about on-Demand TV services, in the forms of Video on-Demand (VOD) and Digital Video Recorders (DVRs), examines how consumers are using VOD and DVRs, and the relationship between these services and newer streaming options like Netflix and other subscription video on-Demand (SVOD) services. This study tracks findings from previous years and investigates new areas to better understand the progress that on-Demand TV services are making, and the related implications for companies throughout the industry. Coverage areas include:
  • The types of customers who have a DVR, use VOD, Netflix and other SVOD services
  • How consumers are using these on-Demand services
  • On-Demand TV's impact on TV viewing and the implications for the TV and entertainment industries
  • The relationship between VOD, DVRs, and Netflix

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